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  • Retailers: Silent Hill: Book of Memories delayed until May 31 0 CommentsPosted by on March 24, 2012 under News
    Konami's attempt at a Silent Hill hat-trick during March may have just fallen short of the goal at the last second: Silent Hill: Book of Memories has had its release date changed from March 27 to May 31, according to Amazon and Gamefly. Book of Memories was originally slated to be released in February, relatively close to the Vita's North American release. It was then delayed until March,... more.
  • Silent Hill HD Collection Delayed, Again… Coming March 20th 0 CommentsPosted by on February 29, 2012 under Articles & News, General, News
    Honestly this delay was probably for the best. Releasing on the same day as a new Silent Hill sequel is bad for business I would think, so with that Konami has pushed the release date back another week to March 20. This is not the first delay for Silent Hill HD (but hopefully the last) with it being pushed back from January initially. No matter how you look at it though, March is definitely g... more.
  • Gaming’s 6(66) Scariest Franchises 2 CommentsPosted by on October 27, 2011 under Articles & News, General, Original Content
    In honor of Halloween, Go!GamingGiant wanted to highlight a few of the scariest franchises in gaming. Here is a list of a few of the horror franchises that have had gamers screaming and wetting their pants. Resident Evil For me survival horror begins and ends with Resident Evil, it was the first survival horror game that I had ever played and it has been something that has stuck with m... more.
  • Silent Hill: Downpour Delayed – Will Not Be Pouring Down Until 2012 2 CommentsPosted by on October 10, 2011 under Articles & News, General, News
    The Silent Hill series has been for the most part a roller coaster of a series the last few installments. Some of them are quite good, others... Well let's just say some games shouldn't carry the Silent Hill moniker. I've been following the development of Silent Hill:Downpour for some time now and was quite impressed with the way the material was being handled. Sadly though I will have to wait eve... more.
  • Silent Hill Downpour Expectations 3 CommentsPosted by on June 30, 2011 under Articles & News, Original Content
    So Silent Hill Downpour looks to be great, but fans of the series have been fooled before with good graphics and have been trapped with lackluster controls and bland plotlines. With a new team looking after this Silent Hill installment, there are just as many high hopes as their are reservations. Hopefully, Downpour will not only revive the survival horror genre, but it will also bring the Silent ... more.
  • Silent Hill: Downpour Announced 3 CommentsPosted by on January 10, 2011 under Articles & News, News
    To start off the New Year Konami has announced the full title of Silent Hill 8, Silent Hill: Downpour. Little details were given but MTV Multiplayer was able to get a few snippets from the Game Informer story. The first big addition  is side quests which the main character Murphy Pendleton can perform for the denizens of Silent Hill. The other big break  is the game being developed by Czech de... more.
  • What items to bring into a “Survival Horror” video game 0 CommentsPosted by on October 18, 2010 under Articles & News, Original Content
    It's October and that means time to break out the survival horror games and get into the holiday spirit by scaring yourself silly. But what does one need in a survival horror game to accomplish their goals you ask? Well, with G3's nifty guide to surviving a horror video game; we'll outline the essentials one needs to make sure things go smoothly or at least as smoothly as possible until the monste... more.
  • Halloween Week: The Future of Fear 3 CommentsPosted by on October 29, 2009 under Articles & News, Original Content
    For some, fear is an art; for even fewer, fear is the perfect premise for a video game.  The number of those who call survival horror games their favorite kind is dwindling with each passing month which yields few or no released in the genre. In fact, rather than being strengthened by the huge games it could previously lay claim to, survival horror has lost its biggest contenders in Resident ... more.
  • Halloween Week: Games That Will Scare Your Pants Off – Silent Hill 2 8 CommentsPosted by on October 28, 2009 under Articles & News, Original Content
    It is not very often that a game like Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams comes along to both surprise and scare the living daylights out of gamers. Silent Hill 2 had everything; characters that were interesting, grotesque villains, and the scariest setting known to the survival horror genre. Silent Hill 2 was a game that made the survival horror genre change from a reliance on startling scares to a  ... more.
  • Video Game Heroines: Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3) 7 CommentsPosted by on September 21, 2009 under Articles & News, Original Content
    I believe in equality. Yes, I believe that a hero is a hero not because of the way he or she looks: it’s because of the actions he or she does. When thinking of the word ‘hero’ my mind will most likely think about Spartan Jon-117, Solid Snake or even Mario. But the women of the gaming world have a place in the spotlight as well. Women, in modern video games, have proven to be just as strong ... more.
  • Great Video Game Soundtracks: Silent Hill 2 5 CommentsPosted by on August 2, 2009 under Articles & News, Original Content
    If you've ever wanted to hear a video game soundtrack that will scare and intrigue the pants off of you while also; look no further than Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill 2's soundtrack was composed by Akira Yamaoka, whom is also known for composing the dark music behind Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as well as trip hop tunes in various Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania games. Yamaoka's soundtrac... more.
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